“Brahma Kumaris are a boon to the people” says MP of Rajahmundry

Diwali Celebrations at Trilok Bhavan Brahma Kumaris with M Bharat Ram MP RJY

Rajahmundry ( Andhra Pradesh ): Member of Parliament Margani Bharat Ram for Rajahmundry said that the Brahma Kumaris are a boon to the people, where they can get relief from physical and mental stress and strain. He visited the Brahma Kumaris Center in connection with the Deepavali festival and said he knew very well about the organization from his childhood days. He said that the Brahma Kumaris was a spiritual movement founded in the 1930s in Hyderabad (Sindh). Brahma Kumari Hema Centre Incharge RJY and Rajyogi BK Vedi from Bangalore participated in Diwali celebrations

Experience Raja Yoga Meditation

Imagine yourself as a capable, empowered, successful and happy soul.

Imagine being aware of each thought and reaction that comes to mind – and then ruling it. Within a nanosecond, you claim the power to act on the idea or ditch it.

Consider the negative traits in your personality that you wish would not play out: the thoughts of self-doubt, sabotage, low self-regard, guilt, worry etc. At your will, they will never again be spoken by you or affect your relationships at home, at work or on the sports field.

Some might baulk at being so ‘in control’ of themselves. But if you really ‘get’ soul, you can ‘get in control’ of yourself. Just yourself. Other people’s lives and games are their own.

You are only responsible for yourself. Our mums and dads did what they did – sometimes well, sometimes not – but that time has passed, and you are now the independent soul, who can choose how to live.

With Raja Yoga meditation you can throw off the old patterns of influence and recreate yourself to be how you want to be. That is the power of Raja Yoga.

This ancient meditation practice harnesses your natural powers and trains your mind to be your friend. You are not your mind; you are not your body. You have a mind and you have a body. These ‘tools’ sometimes work well and at other times may need calm and exercise to get back to a healthy path.

We all make mistakes. We all waste resources. We waste our words, our energy and our time until we pause and think deeply about what matters in our life. When we hold on tight to our views, the mind shrinks and smothers any power to love. In that state, the soul can’t breathe new energy into a situation – and everyone loses.

But when we sit quietly, cancelling all mindsets, and allow ourselves to know the deep peace of the soul, miraculous changes can happen for the better. People will understand you clearly, new doors will open, friends will call and that stiff neck will relax!

Raja Yoga teaches us to step back and observe life, take a calm breath, cool our reactions, and step forward in the way we choose – independent of others urging us to think or act as they wish.

Raja Yoga sets you free. Raja Yoga releases the power to respond with love.

Rajyoga Meditation

संसार का हर मनुष्य सुख–शांति की तलाश में रोज मंदिर, मस्जिद, चर्च, गुरूद्वारे में गुहार लगा रहा है। पूजा, पाठ, आरती, व्रत, उपवास, तीर्थ आदि धक्के खा खाकर इंसान थक गया है लेकिन सुख शांति आज भी कोसों दूर है.. बल्कि दुख, अशांति बढ़ती जा रही है, इसका एकमात्र कारण है देह अभिमान में वृद्धि होना और इन सब समस्याओं का एकमात्र निवारण और सुख, शान्ति का एकमात्र रास्ता स्व आत्मा का ज्ञान और परमात्मा की सही पहचान । इसी सत्य ईश्वरीय ज्ञान से और ईश्वर प्रदत्त राजयोग मेडिटेशन से सच्ची सुख, शान्ति का खजाना सहज ही मिल जाता है और सारा जीवन तनाव मुक्त होकर खुशहाल हो जाता है।”

जिसमें प्रात: 7 से 11 एवं संध्या 4 से8 बजे तक राजयोग मेडिटेशन का नि:शुल्क प्रशिक्षण दिया जायेगा